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Power Flushing

Cu Plumbing Services provides Dublin Power Flushing suitable for all types of boilers & heating systems.

Power flushing is a specialist service designed to help increase the efficiency of your boiler and/or home heating system. Using advanced technology and specialised equipment, power flushing provides a deep, internal cleanse of your heating system, removing sludge, dirt, and debris that may be affecting the overall functionality of your system. As well as improving the overall heat circulation of your system, power flushing is a fantastic way of maintaining your heating system for greater efficiency and longevity.
Here at Cu Plumbing Services, we have over five decades of combined experience in the industry and offer innovative and modern services to keep your heating system up to scratch. With power flushing available for a wide range of boiler makes and models, we ensure a professional, reliable, and cost-effective service.

For a free quote on our full range of Power Flushing services, get in touch today.

Signs That You Require a Power Flushing Service

Cold Spots on Radiators

Loud Noises from Boiler

Blocked Pipes and Valves

Boiler Cutting Out Unexpectedly

Cold Feeling at the Bottom of Radiators

Noisy Pipes When Heating is On

Unreliable Temperature Controls on Radiators

Hot Water Fluctuations from Taps

Power Flushing FAQ

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