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Gas Boilers

Cu Plumbing Services offers Gas Boiler Installation, Repairs & Servicing.

Gas boilers are an economical and highly efficient heating system that many homes across Ireland opt for. Here at Cu Plumbing Services, we are an RGI and Bord Gais registered company offering professional, reliable, and high-quality gas boiler services to clients across Dublin and the surrounds.
From full gas boiler upgrades and full installation services to general gas boiler servicing and repairs, we do it all when it comes to keeping your gas boiler working well all year round.
Alongside our full range of general gas boiler services, we provide 24/7 emergency call-out services for urgent repairs required by your gas boiler.
If you’re looking for a reliable and transparent gas boiler service with no hidden charges who will go the extra mile, contact the Cu Plumbing Services team today.


For a free quote on any of our Gas Boiler Services , contact the Cu Plumbing Services team today.

Gas Boiler Repairs

We offer full gas boiler repairs, replacing parts where necessary and ensuring your gas boiler is working safely and effectively. As well as offering full gas repair services, we provide gas boiler fault-finding to ensure your boiler is safe and effective all year round.

Gas Boiler Upgrades

Keeping your gas boiler updated is a must to ensure the safe and efficient running of your home heating system. Here at Cu Plumbing Services we provide full-service gas boiler upgrades to homes across Dublin, fitting your gas boiler with modern technology to ensure energy efficiency that will reduce your home heating bill.

Gas Boiler Servicing

If your home has a gas boiler, it’s vital to have it professionally serviced at least once per year to ensure its safety. Cu Plumbing Services has over a decade of industry experience offering safe, reliable, and professional gas boiler servicing to keep your home heating system running smoothly and safely.

Gas Boilers FAQ

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